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Telephony VOIP | Fixed Telephony Services | IP Centrex Solution


IP Centrex Solutions

An IP Centrex is an IPBX hosted and managed by a third party, usually a fixed-line operator. This system allows a company to outsource the management of its traditional PBX network.

The different advantages of a Centrex:

Savings on equipment and maintenance

Choosing Centrex VoIP telephony avoids the need to buy a PBX. This switchboard represents a significant financial investment, equivalent at least in value to that of telephone sets alone.

A single point of contact for greater financial transparency

Unlike the management interface of most PBXs, the web interface for managing a Centrex system is simple to use. The Centrex can therefore be administered

All-in-one technology with a wide range of advanced features

With Centrex, all the optional features that sometimes cause overcharging in traditional telephony are automatically included in the package

The features of the Centrex Telephone Standard:

  • A virtual number available
  • Hosted IP PBX
  • Online Portal
  • More than 60 applications
  • Menu IVR
  • HD voice quality
  • On-hold music
  • Opening hours
  • Call groups
Telephony VOIP | Fixed Telephony Services | IP Centrex Solution
Telephony VOIP | Fixed Telephony Services | IP Centrex Solution

Why do you absolutely have to use an external switchboard or Centrex?

Benefits in terms of unified communications

A Centrex allows the company to benefit from the application richness of IP telephony, which is the common foundation for all users. This solution is a unified communications system that integrates all the functionalities of modern telephony, such as groups, transfers, on-hold music, call recording, interactive voice servers, etc. Flexible,

Unlimited Mobile Plans

Forget the quantity and the concentrate fully on your activity.

With Untelcom, you can use unlimited calls, SSM / MMS and internet. In addition, these offers are intended for anyone of the budget and this without any commitment.


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Telephony VOIP | Fixed Telephony Services | IP Centrex Solution

What is Trunk SIP?

SIP Session Initiation Protocol is the communication protocol used by IPBX equipment to communicate with each other and with the operators who route calls around the world.

Trunk refers to a set of links/channels/beams because it allows several simultaneous communications to be routed.

Telephony VOIP | Fixed Telephony Services | IP Centrex Solution

Wildix - Unified Communications

Many tools… now all in one package with unified, browser-based communications.

Today’s communications use many channels: smartphones, personal computers, desktop phones, software, online chat messages, SMS, document sharing and video calls.
Too many channels complicate business communication, which should be simple because it is the basis of all activity.


Softphones are software that represent our phone. They mimic desktop phones by providing a telephone interface on the computer, as well as a keyboard and call processing features (such as mute, hold and transfer). But since they work on a computer, they are much more powerful than desktop phones. In addition, softphones offer features for video calling and conferencing, visual voicemail management, chat and SMS messaging, etc.


The features of our phones:

  • Hold – Put the caller on hold
  • Call Forwarding – Forward calls to a designated extension number
  • Send all calls – Forward calls directly to your usual coverage point
  • Forward – Forward a call to another extension in your company
  • Call Answer – If a phone is pre-programmed in your call answer group, you can answer other phones that are ringing.

Pre-hang up, musical waiting, answering machines

Pre-hang up: You never get a chance to make a good impression twice. That said, it is the first impression that determines the future of our business. The objective of the pre-answered message is precisely to create the best impression from the very first seconds of your telephone greeting. This message reassures the other party and confirms that they have called the right place. It gives an image that is in line with your communication strategy from the first contact.
Telephony VOIP | Fixed Telephony Services | IP Centrex Solution

Interactive Voice Server

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a computer system that can communicate with a user by phone.
The interactive voice server automatically picks up calls and broadcasts a voice menu that directs them to a particular person or department. The interactive voice server allows you to create trees to guide your correspondents to the right service.

SMS marketing

Send your marketing directly into their pockets

SMS marketing reaches people on the move. The automation of SMS campaigns facilitates communication with Internet users.